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James Hawkins

Authentication for HTTP triggers in UCCX


I have written a CCX app which uses XML files to control holidays, opening times, queue options etc. I have written an admin IVR which allows users to change these settings via DTMF. In this I authenticate by user extension and PIN which works just fine.

I am thinking that I could use a http trigger based script to allow these settings to be managed by a browser but I would like to discuss how this could be done securely.

At the simplest level we can consider a simple XML file holding a "system state" setting which could be set to open, closed or calendar.

I could code a drop down with the choices and two text boxes for username and password and this would work ok. When things get more sophisticated with multiple options I would like a login page that would be completed before the user gets the option to change things. This login should allow changes on subsequent page for a period until it then times out.

My issue is how I should do this. Can I code it all using basic html and CCX scripts or is something more sophisticated required? - e.g. some form of client or web server based script that will authenticate users?

I hope this is clear and makes sense - just really looking for ideas on the best way to do this.

Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee

I worked on a solution that does pretty much exactly what you're talking about. If you give me some specific questions you might have, we'll work through them together. Spoiler alert, I did it 100% contained within UCCX, and I use browser session cookies to maintain the login across user activities (E.g., Setting, viewing, and re-setting values within the same login session).



Are you able to share your scripts and pages on how you made this work?



At first, I wasn't going to just dump the solution into the forums, because I like to walk people through the process and help them with specific tasks they get stuck with, but then I actually started authoring an Article on the topic.

Until I publish the article, is there something specific you need help on?

Hi Anthony,

Apologies for not responding to your original post offering assistance. In the end I wrote a voice script to manage holidays, opening times etc.

I did the authentication for this based upon caller DN and UCM PIN to authenticate the user and then checked whether they were a supervisor or CCX admin.

I would still be very interested to see an article by you about how you did this with http triggers.

I find your articles very useful and have used the one below to help me troubleshoot some call issues just this week.


UCCX: Viewing Executed Script Steps via CLI




Awesome! Well, I'm working on it, so it'll be soon-ish.

Ok, so a pandemic hit us, and soon-ish became 10 months.  Better late than never.

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