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Auto attendant configuration

Padmanaban P
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Cusomer want to integrade PSTN with the existing VOIP network running with CUCM 6.0 where as PSTN integraded with exisiting CUCM with Voice gateway. Now the customer want to have POC in which he also wants to have the auto attendant/ Auto response feature. In the set up we have CUCM 6.0, Cisco MP 7.0, Voice gateway configured. So can i achieve this auto attendant functionality with the existing devices or i must have Unity express/ CIsco contact centre (I'm not sure which 1 will meet) for this. In that case can i have any trial version to show the POC.

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Well, basically it depends on what you want to do here.

Do you want to have a formal contact center?...ACD, calls in queue, historical reports statistics? you are going to need a Cisco Contact Center solution.

If you need just an IVR with a simple programing, nothing complex, then I think you are ok with a Unity Express module.


Here my requirement is just the IVR  and in my case I don’t have a Unity express module. So is there any there way to achieve this with the existing CUCM, Voice Gateway and MP because this is for the POC purpose.