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Automate Deployment of Cisco VXML Project

I need suggestion !!!

Issue :

We have cisco VXML studio, every time we have to build the vxml projects and then cope/paste to the vxml server and then do the deployment and same for JAC(Java Action Component ) . For every single change we have to repeat the process. So in development phase, it waist a-lot of time and effort. So i wanted to automate all this process.

Available Solution :

Is there any solution available, which is currently available or we can enhance it. Or we have to build from scratch (with using some batch scripts ... ).

FYI. I am developer and have the knowledge of development in all aspect.

Scratch Development :

If we have develop it from scratch, what will be the best approach, and way forward.

Any suggestion are welcome. !!!

Cisco Employee


If you're up for developing something then you might want to have a look at the CVP Admin API.


If this is a dev environment and your CVP VXML server and your CVP Call Studio are on the same domain.

Its simple to create a read / write share on the VXML server (C:\Cisco\VXMLServer\)  Folder.

Then from CVP Call Studio you can deploy directly to this share and it will copy to the applications folder) on the server.

This removes any copy and Paste and is as quick.

You still need to do an update of the app on the server.

But you could easily create a batch file and assign to a sheduled task and do an run the "update all" batch file every min if need be.

Or you could do it properly and use the API as Paul suggest!



If you deploy from Studio directly onto the VoiceXML server as Gerry suggests you also have the option of driving the admin operations remotely using the management capability exposed via JMX classes.   They're covered in the Javadocs but simplest thing is to drive it manually from JConsole or similar tool to confirm the functionality available.


Thank you @Paul, @Gerry.

I will explore this AdminAPI.

But this is all for VXML components, what about JAC. I want when ever my java code compiles, it actually update/deploy on vxml server and conman-> classes

Do i need to write some eclipse plugin for that


I'm not a big Eclipse user but if you're building your Java as a Maven project, whatever the IDE you're using, you could certainly copy classes on build to the destination of choice.

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