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Automatic Call back


Dear All,

I am fairly new to contact center environment and in learning phase now.

One of my clients has come up with a new requirement.

They have UCCX 11.x up and running fine and the requirement is as follows

  • When there is an incoming call in queue for some time and if caller hangs up the call after some time for a reason, can we make automatic call back to the caller?
  • If yes, how do we achieve this?
  • Do we require any licenses to make outgoing calls?

Hope my question make sense to you and I would really appreciate if you respond ASAP.

Thank you in advance.


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Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You could easily achieve this using Scripting. There is a sample script BaseLineAdvQueuing.aef available at the below link that serves the purpose of courtesy callback in UCCX:


As far as licensing is concerned, you will require Enhanced license minimum. No other licensing requirments are there.




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What portion requires Enhanced Licensing exactly? In order to achieve the requested behavior, I can only think of the following additional steps needed, at minimum, that may not be in use already in the queuing script:


  • Get Call Contact Info - To get the caller ID of the caller for the callback
  • On Exception Goto - To capture the hang up event
  • Place Call - To call the call back script
  • Call Redirect - To bridge the Agent with the callback number


According to documentation, none of those steps require Enhanced.  Can you confirm my thinking?

Hi Anthony,


That was more on a generic side that I wrote you will require minimum Enhanced Licensing as I have not checked the Scripting guide till then. But now since I have checked it I can definitely confirm that none of the steps used in that particualr script will require Enhanced Licensing,. Standard will be good enough.


Thanks for your inputs.




While I agree with what you posted I think the OP missed a critical piece of information. They want want to call the customre immediately back, they probably want to wait until a later time (agents available) and then call them back. What I would propose is to get the outbound dialing option (new license) and feed a campaign when the customer hangs up.



He didn't say "immediately" in his post. Did you infer that?