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Configuring Public holidays on icm

Dears,i'm trying to configure a routing script so that it play a "closed" message to the caller on public holidays. I'm using admin scripts, however you can only schedule the admin script to run on recurrent dates, or to run once. Does anyone have an...

Resolved! Skill group priority on multiple ICM scripts

Hi,If two the skill groups are in individual ICM scripts and and an agent is part of the either skill groups. The how to priortize the call of ICM script B.Ideally i would like know whether defining the priority(1-10) on the skill group hold good if ...

diwakar.d by Beginner
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Reporting on Transfers?

I've got a feature request to be able to report on numbers that agents are transferring calls to.Basically, they are going to start doing referrals to a handful of numbers. They want to be able to report on how many calls are being forwarded by our a...

Agent Status Problem

Hi all,On two occasions , one of the agents has put himself into 'not ready - faults' before finishing a call but the next call in queue has still presented even though he is in not ready.One call he took and dealt with it, whilst the other, he recei...

Wrapup Code for Transfer Calls

Hi,Planning to install UCCX 7.X and customer wants to know if it is possible that an agent can receive wrapup codes for call that they transfer? In other words, agent receives call via UCCX and then transfer the call to either another agent or anothe...

charl by Beginner
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Scheduled admin script failed to run

Hi all. Am wondering if anyone encountered the problem whereby the scheduled icm admin script didn't run at the scheduled time?The admin script was scheduled to execute at 7am every morning and it has been running fine for quite a while. It only fail...

eric.neoh by Beginner
  • 8 replies
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CAD without connection to the FCRasSvr

On a v. 4 system, all agents are unable to see their own stats in CAD after a system restart recently. In the FCRasSvr0001.log on the server, the error is: MAJOR FCVRS218 FCRasDB::connectToDBServer... Unable to establish a connection to the FCRasSv...