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Hi as i know during the installation of CVP call/VXML we must select what codec can be used for the example below.  so the question is how to if we need to change for example in the installation I used g711alaw and the after installation finish and t...


Hello! I am migrating from CAD -to-Finesse and am in need of some assistance.  We are running UCCX v10.6.1.11003-29 with a Primary and Secondary server on Cisco C240  virtual hosts.We have 7 Teams (departments) inside of UCCX with just over 100 UCCX ...

HIMy customer has Cisco Contact Center 12.5 traditional Enhanced licenses, and they need to add 7 new agents, my question is If we order the new agents licenses as Flex Standard Lic "A-FLEX-CC" is it ok to add these licenses to theExisting system or ...

1melkholy by Beginner
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I created end user in CUCM. In UCCX I gave capability this user with reporting. i even tried with adminstrator capability as well.then In CUIC for this user i gave permission for dashboard , report with execute and write permission. then for dashboar...

jaheshkhan by Enthusiast
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Hello Experts , could you please anyone help me to create custom grammar file for playing two options message(like press 1 for yes and press 2 for no ) and how we can integrate this to Cisco call studio.  Any sample format for to create the custom gr...

Roys1994 by Beginner
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Hii install a new UCCE 4000 agent system, the version is 12.6. when i add machine useUnified Contact Center Enterprise Management,I get a error Error occurredError while connecting to server. Check for invalid/missing security certificatei input the ...

bo liu by Enthusiast
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Hi all.  Does anyone else have an issue with the 12.5 Studio debugger?  When I try and run this I get the error below.   Looks like it can't find a java class.  The debugger loads, this happens when you click 'connect' to start the call flow.  Any he...

callStudio error.PNG
jamieS by Beginner
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Hello We are running Cisco UCCE cluster with Finesse 11.0 deployment. We are seeing constantly Finesse switching over from A to B side. The agent sees the error "Lost connection to <server> please wait for a reachable finesse server to be found" in R...

Hello, We are in process of upgrading UCCE from 10.5 to 12.5 and we have some finesse gadgets built for finesse 10.5. For me to re-build the gadget for Finesse version 12.5 I am not able to find any sample gadgets. Can anyone help me with this ?