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Can anyone please share how to make the upload prompt step work? I'm using a script that worked fine in ver. 4, but doesn't want to work in 7. I authenticate user fine but go unsuccessful in the upload step. Please attach working script with varia...

mwheinz by Level 1
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Hello,I have a customer who wants 1. his Prompts (Numbers like bank balance etc.) to be played in following three languages a. English b. Cantonese c. Putonghua. Are these languages supported natively and if not what will be the procedure to get this...

sunil.kum by Level 1
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I understand that CCX has a defined max of 300 agents. But what I can't seem to find out is if that is "configured", "concurrent logons", or both. I know when I have a system licensed for a certain amount I can configure more agents than I am licen...

Hi there !I'll upgrade the IPCC 4.0 to UCCX 7.0(1)SR3, but I'd like to upgrade the CAD before.. is there a CAD version that works with both versions ?Compatibility matrix just show a CAD ... and it's not in the download page !Thanks.Andrei.

Hi,For my UCCX deployment i want to use a script which will first capture the last 3 digit dialled number(called no) based on that 3 digit it has to select the particular Queue.There will be five queues.Iam new to this script editing any one help me ...

I have script that records a message from the caller. This recording of the message is the last part where the caller interacts with the system. The terminating digit options are #,* and NONE, where the none seems to require to wait for the timeout p...