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I have two workspace for agent.the UCCE and CVP 12.6 is deploy in Datacenter,the vvb and voice gateway in i want from workspace 1 gateway incoming the ICM's call only to workspace 1 VVP play prompt. i config the network vru label with 0...

bo liu by Level 4
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hi everyone in my demo , i install UCCE 12.6 and CVP 12.6 and VVB 12.6 now the call can call in the ICM but caller hear the error prompt. next is my config: in my ICM script i use a "set variable" module to set : concatenate("application=SGIN;callid=...

bo liu by Level 4
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I see we need to increase RAM to 20GB for our 400 agents.There is also mention of losing certificate CA's for our privately signed certs. Is that just a matter of copying the CA's from the server and reinstalling post-upgrade?Is there anything else I...

dannoofWI by Level 1
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For v12.5 CCE, how are the flex seat licenses allocated? Is this solely based on concurrent agents logged in or does it include port usage as well?  I ask as our "In Use" number in CSSM doesn't seem to match anywhere close to max concurrent agents lo...

SANJ21 by Level 1
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Hello,I want to know for a new UCCX 12.5 deployment, from where  can we order the  Cisco Compliance Recording (CR), Advanced Quality Manager (AQM)  licenses ? As we do not find the SKU related to this licenses. also can we combine the deployment CR a...

Ali TOUIL by Level 1
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hii want install the UCCE 12.6 and CVP 12.6 ,but i download the file from the...

bo liu by Level 4
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Currently we are using PCCE 12.5 in our environment and I've been asked if there are any available API's for CUIC.  I know in previous versions there aren't any available and I've searched and have not found any for this version.  Does anybody have a...