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CTI OS NotReady Reasons Code

Hi,I have written custom OCX with CTIOS Client DLL's in VB. I am trying to get Not Ready reasons codes list from CTI OS Server through event OnQueryAgentStateConf. But I am not able to extract it. I am able to dump the properties and see the list of ...

venchalam by Beginner
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Resolved! The time zone 7970

Hi I have a CCME 4.0 with 5 ip phones 7940, and 2 ip phones 7970.The 5 phones 7940 have in the display the hour correct, but the 2 phones 7970 have one hour less that the others.I did a set the clock time-zone and I enable the cn filesI need a speci...

dflores83 by Beginner
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Recording step not supported

Hi,we have CRS 4.5 Express Standard which comes bundled with CCM (5 seat license). We would like to use the recording step in CRS scripts, but when we use it, it displays "Step not supported". Is this license problem? According to step availability c...

Using the Email of Scripting

Hello,I am trying to program the email section of the scripting for IVR 5.0 for it to send mail by default to an email address when a client goes to that option.I cant seems to change the contact from null to the email address.I need assistance in pr...

kingsleyn by Beginner
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CFWNA from Connected Step?

Hi,Is it possible to build a script with a call forward no answer function when the call is in the connected state ringing an agent extension and the "Agent State after Ring No answer" on the server is set to Ready? We have a Helpdesk environment whe...

UCCX5.0, how to external db integration

I added external db into 'system DSN' and also configure the name onto 'exterprise datbase subsystem configuraiotn' but i cannot get the 'data source name' from 'db read' script when i press 'reflesh database schema'. it shows properly when i confiur...

cjrchoi11 by Beginner
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Failure to Synchronize Directory Services

Can anyone give me a document, which describes what to start looking at when CM cannot replicate its DS DB to IPCC? (4.0.5build40)Within my Cisco Desktop Administrator, I have already tried the "Synchronize Directory Services" option, which runs succ...

dvanzee by Explorer
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Domain manager in ICM

hope someone can help please?I'm setting up a lab using vmware and have a sprawler at ICM713 in a Domain have a second Domain controller and there is a two way transitive trust between the domains (which I have verifi...

IP-IVR getting alarm messages

Hi Good Day,the status of my IP IVR now is OK-normal operation, but i recieving bad messages from his event viewer saying " The server was unable to allocate from the system non-paged pools because the pool was empty"event ID: 2019can you help me wha...