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AMA Forum- Design, Deployment & Troubleshooting on CCE CUIC & LiveData

Ask Me Anything Event From Wednesday, 16th November, 2022 until Tuesday, 29th November, 2022 Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC) is a reporting platform for users of Cisco Contact Center products. It is a web-based application that provides Hist...

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Resolved! CVP 4.0 SR2 Speech -

I am using Cisco CVP 4.0 SR2 version and developing a simple POC for speech deployment. I am receiving a A VoiceXML error occurred of type "". The default MRCP timeout value of 3 seconds is also increased...

Resolved! IPCC 4.0 Historical Reporting Question

I am running IPCC express 4.0.I have a simple script where callers call in, a prompt plays and the caller has options to press 1,2,3 etc to be transfered to external numbers or hold for an agent.The supervisor would like to see how many calls are tra...

IPCC 5.0.2

Is there a way that an agent can see two separate queues? Example, Call comes into main queue and then is tranferred to a second queue. My operator what to make sure that agents are picking up calls in the second queue.Wanted to know if this could be...

IPCC-Express 5.0 on MCS 7815-I2

Hi All,I am trying to install IPCC Express 5.0 on an MCS 7815-I2 Server and the installation is failing reporting incompatbile hardware. I have installed the OS (2003) from Microsoft CD. Can anyone tell me whether the installation is failing beacuse ...

admin_2 by Participant
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Resolved! Does IPCCX 5.0 ship with 5.0(2)?

Does IPCCX 5.0 ship with 5.0(2) version? I read from another post that UCM 6.1 needs IPCCX 5.0(2) and not 5.0(1).If the media we receive is 5.0(1) is there a patch to bring to 5.0(2)? If not, will Cisco send us the 5.0(2) media and if so how to ord...

ICM doubt

Hiwhen ICM s/w recives a call, it categorize the call to a call type and runs the corresponding ICM script to find the destination. now this destination can be a1. Announcment2. Scheduled Target3. PeripheralDoubt is whats a Scheduled Targetand can't ...

Resolved! Upload prompt step for ipccx 5.0

In IPCCX 5.0, what is needed before the upload prompt step (name to user, authenticate user etc..). In version 4.0 name to user worked. Is 5.0 different?thanks and as always post will be rated before closing out.

SBCdd7343 by Beginner
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Cisco Agent Desktop Question

Version 6.1.33 for CADIs there a way to hide or disable the status icon on the CAD when a supervisor is recording an agent. We would like it so that the agents are not aware that they are being recorded.

rgomez by Beginner
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SQL2K in Win2003

Hi Tell me if I am doing something wrong! I have to install SQL2K in my IPCC because I will work with two server in high availability. I am upgrading from 4.0.5 to 5.0.2 so I have start over my servers with win2003. I have install IPCC 5.0.2 and fol...

f.gouger by Beginner
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CRS 5.0.1 OS

Hello, Guys,Can anybody help with clarifying the Operating System that needs CRS 5.0(1) be installed on ?Release Notes 5.0(1) tells it can be only Win2003 Server for that version. Is that true ?Are there any prerequisites for successfull installati...

CRS 5.0(2) download

Hi Forum,I have a CUCM in Version 6.1(1) and would like to upgrade my IPCC Express to the Version 5.0(2). In the compatibility matrix the 5.0(1) is not compatible with CUCM 6.1.Can anybody help me where I can get the upgrade or is it not yet released...

Resolved! ICM ISE 7.2(3) secure connection

We have a problem with a customer using Internet Script Editor. He needs to use it non encrypted, so when he modifies the connection info to port 80 and removes the tick from "encrypted communication" it work but then the next time he connects the co...

hkonings by Beginner
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