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Version 6.1.33 for CADIs there a way to hide or disable the status icon on the CAD when a supervisor is recording an agent. We would like it so that the agents are not aware that they are being recorded.

rgomez by Level 1
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Hi Tell me if I am doing something wrong! I have to install SQL2K in my IPCC because I will work with two server in high availability. I am upgrading from 4.0.5 to 5.0.2 so I have start over my servers with win2003. I have install IPCC 5.0.2 and fol...

f.gouger by Level 1
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Hello, Guys,Can anybody help with clarifying the Operating System that needs CRS 5.0(1) be installed on ?Release Notes 5.0(1) tells it can be only Win2003 Server for that version. Is that true ?Are there any prerequisites for successfull installati...

Hi Forum,I have a CUCM in Version 6.1(1) and would like to upgrade my IPCC Express to the Version 5.0(2). In the compatibility matrix the 5.0(1) is not compatible with CUCM 6.1.Can anybody help me where I can get the upgrade or is it not yet released...

We have a problem with a customer using Internet Script Editor. He needs to use it non encrypted, so when he modifies the connection info to port 80 and removes the tick from "encrypted communication" it work but then the next time he connects the co...

hkonings by Level 1
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I have a queue that runs from 8:30AM to 7:00PM on Fridays. In the script, is there a way to modify this, so that, if a customer calls into this group after 7pm the call is redirected to another 800# ?

rgomez by Level 1
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Hi, we have an ipcc ( CCM 4.1.3,CRA-IVR 3.5.2,ICM 6.0 agents work with CTIOS ) Problem is that every one two seconds some cti port are missed by the system. Trace on ccm - ConnectionManager - wait_AuDisconnectRequest:NO ENTRY FOUND IN TABLE ( for cti...

Hi all,what I want to achieve is a "click to dial" functionality out of Lotus Sametime. We have the CISCO Unified Communication server in version 4.2(3)SR3 in place as well as a Sametime server version 7.5.Now, I found a software at the CISCO website...

bolz_icw_ by Level 1
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Good morning.Can anyone point me in the right direction with regards to configuring the "auto archive" function within CEM.Right now, when our agents reply to a message, the original email is archived, and as a result it can no longer be searched fro...

Im having some issues getting some direct answers and was wondering if anyone could provide some examples of a setup for GK / GW / CVP scenarion. The run of the GK would be an enormous help.

Working with scripting for the first time. I have the auto-attendant script properly functioning. Where are the scripts stored? The variable says the welcome prompt is in SP[AA\AAWelcome.wav] but when I log into IPCC X box I do not see that fold...