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AMA Forum- Design, Deployment & Troubleshooting on CCE CUIC & LiveData

Ask Me Anything Event From Wednesday, 16th November, 2022 until Tuesday, 29th November, 2022 Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC) is a reporting platform for users of Cisco Contact Center products. It is a web-based application that provides Hist...

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Resolved! wav files deleted - don't know why!

Hi all,I have a new-installed IVR4.5 server, but I am facing with a problem: when the server reboots or shutdowns (suddenly or planned), all the wav file in the folder C:\Program Files\wfavvid\Prompts\user are deleted. They are the files for our prom...

hoanghiep by Beginner
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IOS pre-fetch from CVP prompts

Gateway 12.4.11T2 work fine then stops after some time. I suspect after 24 hours when it's time to re-cache there is a problem.I've attached the debug http client all with the cache errors from CVP. Do you see anything in the debug? I've never looked...

Jason Aarons by Frequent Contributor
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Upgrading CM CVP IPCC

Hicurrently running CM 4.1(3) CVP3.1 and ICM6.0upgrading to CM 5.1(2a) CVP4 and ICM7.1Im planning on upgrading the CallManager first. So it will be 4.1(3) to 5.1(2a) as I hear there are bugs with CTI on 5.1(2). Does anyone know of potential JTAPI iss...

mlong0000 by Beginner
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Ipcc ver. 3.5

Hi; We have an IPCC ver 3.5; we know that this version is EOS but we want to make a growth of this up to 50 agents and we still have 5 years of support in hardware and software; but we are looking the possibility of upgrading it to version 4.0, exist...

RMI in CRS 4.5

Hi everyone, i'm trying to use Remote Java Object tab in CRS 4.5.I built an interface and RMI server in host A and successfully call the methods of object in host A from IPCC host by using command line. But when i try to use CRS to call object's meth...

TuanGiang by Beginner
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Resolved! CSQ wait time

Hello, We are using Cisco IPCC express 4.0.4 And we are creating one script where we have to put the call in the Queue when agent is not available(Busy) and calculate the Longest wait time for the next call. Example follows 1) IF all agents are busy...

Control Center Concerns

In contral center, I have some of my apps such as agent desktop and others with reddots with x's in them. Is my CRS corrupted? Do I need to re-install or can I adjust the configs to fix these issues? The version i'm using is 4.0