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On the page :Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management Enterprise Release Notes - Cisco Systems can only find the release notes for ICM 5 and 6. There are no relea...

paulegan1 by Level 1
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Our ICM 7.0 is on Windows 2003 servers. Has anyone installed Service Pack 2 on their ICM servers? I know Cisco sends out a list of patches, but it's not in a nice pretty format. I don't have time to weed through it...just tell me what patches NOT ...

thomas1 by Level 2
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IPCC-x 3.5 upgraded to 4.05(a). No changes to CallMgr.If extension A calls extension B and extension B's call fwd no answer is to extension C, when extension C's phone rings you can see that the call is forwarded from extension B. The above works ...

cairns-a by Level 1
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Hi, I have installed CRS 4.0 in the co-resident deployment model and now i am not able to log on to the CRS server. I get 'Unauthorised' message everytime i try to log into the server.... i did follow the guide on the to troubleshoot the CR...

Hi folks,Does anybody knows where do I found the SAS / SASU part-numbers for IPCC Express?I would like to find the smartnet part-numbers for the MCS servers too.Thank you all.Kind regards,Rafael Lanna

Hello,We are currently running IPCCx 4.0.4SR1 Enhanced and I have a few questions about the overall use of the system. We have multiple “mini call centers” that we would like to setup along with our main call center. I imagine this is a support...

ecornwell by Level 2
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I currently support two CCX solutions for one company. One is in New Jersey and one is in Alabama. I'd like to know if it is possible to make these call centers redundant. If one building burns, I know the best I could do is have the phone company...