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I want to get data from IPCC express database The reports I want to generate contains the following dataAmount of Transfered CallsIVR attended callsRinging time average for callsTimes an Agent has loged in with timeAgent GroupI also want to show the ...

My supervisors do not answer their phones. I answer phone on their line. I then would like to talk on speaker with them to introduce the call. Is this possible? I do not want to ring their phone because they do not pick up their phone unless I adv...

I have a customer who is considering IPCC Express, and he would like to see a full list of the 100 canned reports that ship with the product. Can anyone point me towards this list?Thanks!Josh

jbofinge by Beginner
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Hi,I have a customer that has installed callmanager 5.1 in the new office. The customer wants to deploy a scenario where when any one calls to operator during working hours, the first call is send to de operator and the second call goes to a queue to...

patcbr600 by Beginner
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Hi everybody.I have the following scenario CallManager 4.2 and CRS 4.0 with IPCC Express Premium 4.0, with version the CTI Ports are configured from CRS to CallManager.I need to add 20 CTI ports more but the new Directory Numbers (DN) for these 20 CT...

wflores by Beginner
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Hello. I have CRA ver 3.1(2)I want to get curent date information using java function getDate(). I can't figure out how it works. It returns integer value. When i saved this value in database i saw that it was zero. Where can i get more information ...

I am running IPCC Enterprise 6.0 with IPIVR 3.5.1 and CAD 6.0. I am looking into upgrading IPIVR to 3.5.4. I have never install or upgrade IPIVR before and hoping someone can give some expert advices on the process. Below are some of the questions th...

dtran by Frequent Contributor
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With CVP 3.0, using CVP Studio, we are trying to use a DTMF GRXML grammar we are geting an OSR error. We can do DTMF only, without grammers, but trying to even do a DTMF GRXML grammar doesn't work.Any ideas? Any examples of this working that could be...