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Wondering if anyone is running System IPCC without any issues. We are running 7.1.2 and experiencing frequent opc crashes. We are considering re-deploying and not using System IPCC, but was wondering if anyone else was having isses with System IPCC...

dchumbley by Beginner
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I have a script that enters dates into a Database. after the collect digits steps I have a generated prompt that reads the date back to the user. if the user enters a Day, Month or year incorrectly the script goes to the "system problems" message, ho...

IPCC Express V4.0(2)I am migrating to Active Directory, I specify all the details in the initial migration screen, then select yes to migrate the information when I receive the following error(s)1)

I have a test box that I applied SR1 on, created some scripts, got them all working. Now I need to move the scripts to my production system IPCC which does not have SR1 applied (but is 4.0(4)) and the scripts fail to load and open via the Editor.Any...

I have IPCC express 4.04, I have 10 agents so 20 CTI ports. I have 1 queue and max calls in queue is 20. I set the sessions on JTAPI trigger to 20 and on the application. If 2o people are in the queue I do not want to 21st caller to get a busy signal...

jamjam200 by Beginner
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Hi frenz,I have installed the ipcc express premium 4.0(3).I ma trying to configure the Jtapi subsystem ,i have given the ccm ips and the ccm is integrated with microsoft the crs is creating the jtapi user and everything looks ok .but i the jtap...

Is there anyway to obtain the followingHi Ravi, The information that I am trying to retrieve is the data for incoming call in a specific time frame by agent . e.g. 7.00am to 9.00am daily for a two week period. I am able to achieve something similar...

shaftstri by Beginner
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I have issue with translation routing timeouts in IPCC Enterprise 7.0 with cisco IVR 3.5. There is following setup:135 IVR ports (CTI Ports)135 JTAPI Triggers for translation routing (DNIS)Each of JTAPI triggers have Maximum Sessions set to 1Translat...

I am doing a database lookup. I want to insert an 'IF' step after the read. IF 2 or more rows appear I want it to go down one branch. I am not sure how to store the amount of rows as a variable without using the Count command which I guess is not all...

abhijit75 by Beginner
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