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Does anyone know how to perform a p2v migration on a callmanager server? Has anyone performed this successfully? Before responding to this post, I understand that this would not be TAC supported.

IPCC Express 4.0.4 - I am working with a customer who has a strict policy on desktop group policies and does not allow the port numbers required by CAD to pass through the firewall on the desktops. Does anyone know if there is a way to modify the po...

cmcinally by Level 1
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I have a script that places a caller on hold when no agents are available. On the queued step of the the select branch I have several prompts and hold steps. how can I offer the caller the option to press 1 at any time and leave a voicemail while the...

We are running IPCC 7.0sr3 and are having some reporting issues. When looking at the Termination Call Detail in SQL, I see some calls that have a Call Type ID of -1. Obviously, none of our defined call types have a negative ID number. Does anyone ...

Customer has requirement to set longer ring time for some of agents, as on CCM, maximum CFNA is 300 seconds, so I adjusted RNA timer on the "select resource" node to 295 seconds. However when call reaches agent's phone, after roughly 100~135 seconds,...

tapk5 by Level 3
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I have a customer that is running IPCC 4.0.2 and they are using the Historical reports client. They are trying to save the document their network home drive and are unable to do so. After some digging it looks like it is trying to connect as a diffe...

briley by Level 1
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All, is there a way to do a 2 step transfer a contact entering to an ipivr script? in other words, when a contact is in the script, have the script dial out to an outside ivr, send dtmf of an account number, and then connect the contact to the outsid...