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Hi Guys,I am trying to make infomaker reports and save them on Webview.If I make a copy of existing webview template then I can see the Report on the webview server .But If I make a new report and save it under any library I cannot see it on webview ...

chinmay.b by Level 1
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Hi everyone,is there a possibilitie to let the Agents change theire Cisco IPCC Desktop passwords. So i dont have to do this manually everytime. We are using IPCC enterprise.(i assume the configuration of this must be done with DAW under Agent Explor...

Dear Sirs,Could you help please to order IPCC Enterprise for 50 seats. Is it possible to order this posistions?IPCE-BUNDLEIPCE-SVRCCBU-LICENSEMCS-7815-I1-CC2CAB-ACECCBU-WIN2K-ENGIs it enough?Sorry if the question does not suite the forum theme.Thank ...

korolev by Level 1
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I have installed duplexed MR PGs against Email option. MDS process on BOTH sides shows up as 'isolated enabled' (I believe one side should show up as paired enabled the other paired disabled)However, only one side has pgagent 'active' When the 'activ...

I wish to know if anyone has used CVP with a legacy switch where the connection between the PBX and CVP VXL router is QSIG and thus prevent call trombing or sometimes known as hairpinning after CVP transfers the callto an agent.

Upgraded CCM from 3.3.3 to 4.1 That went fine no issues. Upgraded the IPCC from 3.1 to 4.02 now agents can't login. Getting LDAP error. Also, none of the CTI ports are registered with CCM...The subsystem service shows stopped but all subsystems are c...

mbandw by Level 1
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After upgrading CCM to 4.1(3), an upgrade of IPCC Express to 4.0(1) was required. CCM upgrade went great. When I upgraded IPCC, all was well until the point where I had to use BARS to restore my 3.3 data to the new installation. The restore was unsuc...

Hi,I found the following Error on the BARS logfile:[02:29:30 AM] Copying Lmhosts and hosts file to stage directory.[02:29:30 AM] Error: File Lmhosts not found in source folder.[02:29:30 AM] Staging hosts file.[02:29:30 AM] Failed to stage hos...

Hi,Im trying to backup 2 IVRs with BARS. Question is: I already have BARS running on the CCM Publisher. Backups of CCM are uploaded on remote storage server. Can i use the same BARS in this CCM and just put a new Data Source Server (IP of the IVRs) w...

HiI am getting the following Exception when I debug a script, and it hits the "recording" step:"Can not init data sorce for recording; nested exception is: java.lang.NullPointerException"Note: Those are not my spelling mistakes either :) that is in t...

Hello,One of my customer would like to get custom reports and would like to run report with Enterprise data fields.Is there is any specific report avaialble in IPCC X 3.5 where we can report against the enterprise data fields..Is the enterprise data ...

murali by Level 1
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