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Hello, We use the following systems. Call Manager  9.1.2 UCCX 10.6.1   Is it possible to use whisper to introduce a call to a user using a UCCX script? We would like to play a wav file to a user to identify that the call has been routed to them for a...

ben.palmer by Level 1
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Hi guys, can you help me with something? I'm building a CVP script using Call Studio application. Using the Digits Element, the application collects 11 to 14 digits entered by the user. After that, I need to identify the number of entered digits (len...

I am having an issue with a Subflow. My script calls a Subflow that checks to see if a temporary message has been enabled and if it is it should play a recorded message. The temporary message is active but the script sees it as a false and proceeds t...

LisaH by Level 1
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Hi all,When we try to silent monitor an agent using finesse supervisor desktop (version 11.6.) we are getting this error message  : "Silent monitoring operation failed: Agent phone line to be monitored is not in TALKING state. Possible cause: agent c...

Resolved! Reactive Debugging

HI EveryoneI was recently trying to do reactive debugging on a script to see what was causing it to not work properly. But I notice when I would active the debugging and I would call the main number the prompt would never start to play the phone woul...

Hello guys,As I have read the Facebook messenger could integrate with UCCX to handle chat as webchat support,. there is a webhook on Facebook instructed us to write the CCP URL with HTTPS as a Callback URL after writing the tokens from UCCX to FB and...