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Hey everyone, I have an interesting build I was tasked with and an open to suggestions.  A client we took over has a very unique contact center in which they potentially have 1200 "queues" assigned to an agent.  Obviously this is an administrative ni...

Hello All,I was requested to have a caller not be marked as abandoned if the caller was in the queue for 15 seconds or less. The thought being that the Agents weren't even given the chane to answer the call before they hung up, or maybe they reached ...


Greetings.  Can anyone tell me if there is a way to modify the call type name in a CUIC Report or does it have to remain the same as what it is named in the script?  Our end users may want a different name than what we use in scripts.  I know that I ...

HeatherN by Level 1
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We currently have several campaign using the sip dialler. The different campaigns are for different locations, departments. Each compaign works differently with the agents assigned to say campaign A more effective than agents in different to campaign...

iptuser55 by Level 6
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When we train new CSR's in our office, a trainer will typically sit with a trainee and use a y-connector to listen to their calls and provide assistance as needed. With everyone working remotely, this has become a little more difficult. Trainers are ...

Josh K. by Level 1
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 UCCE 12.5 supports shared ACD line extension. With shared ACD line configured on Cisco IP Phone and Jabber device; both devices are running, is supervisor able to perform Silent Monitor? Jabber registered via Expressway does not support Silent Monit...

rashmi814 by Level 1
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 Greetings all.I want to achieve the following objective using uccx or cuc or any other cisco application.I have already  deployed call back script which prompts the user to drop his phone number. If an agent becomes available ,the call will be place...

collinks2 by Level 5
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Hello All,Hope you are all well!Due to Covid-19 issue my agents are working from home using jabber and claiming that there is a delay in receiving calls after choosing option from IVR menu.Any suggestions as to what is causing this delay ( delay time...

@Syed by Level 3
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