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Resolved! UCCX Ports

IVR Port questions We have a CCX in HA mode, and are licensed for 280 that 280 ports per server?, or 140 per server? In Call manager I have 200 CCX ports built, 100 per server.So, can I take 100 calls? or 200? Lastly how do I add more IVR po...

Hi Guys, PCCE LAB is such a pain! Not sure why Cisco has to make it so difficult.   I am trying to deploy PCCE 11.6 in the lab. I have created all the machines and set the deployment type to Packaged Lab mode. However When I try to add the inventory ...

Hi,My UCCX Script scenario is explained below,1) Supervisor of Call center call a trigger number(script 1) to set call center(CC) is Open or Close with variable value 1 or 0 respectively via DTMF input.2) Customer calls another busines trigger number...

Aswin S by Beginner
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Hi all, I've a script which has a max limit on number allowed in queue.  If at the limit, prompt plays and they get dropped. What I am after finding out is if it's possible to generate a report on queue size.  The sort of things I'd like to know.- Ho...

Hi, I've been trying to generate reports for my the two work shifts in my call center. One of them spans from 6AM to 6PM yesterday, which is working perfectly fine. However, for my second shift, which lasts from 6PM (yesterday) to 6AM on the next day...

antmich by Beginner
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I'm new to UCCX .  I've taken a basic script building course but feel overwhelmed with my first build. Can't get it all straight with what variables I need to build to accomplish an ACD with queuing script.I've searched the internet for help but am w...

Hi all, I have Socialminer installed and have set up a datasource in CUIC to it's informix DB. The problem I have is I’m getting syntax errors when importing these SM Report Templates into CUIC.

ello Experts , I am trying to use the record voice element feature in CVP as part of a project . The objective is to collect the audio captures from customer. Preferred approach is to detect the silence from customer end instead of customer manually ...