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Hello everyone, I'm a newbie on the topic of script creation, the idea is to read a database, call contacts and touch a prompt, all that works correctly, but the question is how can I measure the duration of that call ?, since the user can listen to ...


I have a bit of an interesting challenge brought to me by the business, which I'm not sure is possible to do with UCCX.  We have a script that currently transfers after hours calls to a specific cell phone number for after hours support.  It's workin...

The agent has a Cisco 8851 phone and uses finesse.  Calls come into the CSQ and assigned to agent,In Finesse, agent hits direct transfer, enters phone number, and hits transfer.Receives red bar across Finesse with a message that says "Error" and does...

Hello,We received a requirement from the Client to restrict the Supervisors from seeing all the skill groups that are configured in the system.Currently, when the Supervisors login in to UCCE Web Administration Console for Agent Re-skilling, they are...

Good morning. is anyone aware if there is a limit on the number of applications you can have in UCCX? cannot find any documentation, but since there seem to be limits on everything else I was just wondering.Thank you

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Been working with TAC and investigating an issue where we run the Detailed Call by CSQ Agent Report and we see the Contact Disposition is 1. I cannot replicate this issue myself it seems almost random. I know Contact Disposition 1 means Abandoned. I'...