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AMA Forum- Design, Deployment & Troubleshooting on CCE CUIC & LiveData

Ask Me Anything Event From Wednesday, 16th November, 2022 until Tuesday, 29th November, 2022 Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC) is a reporting platform for users of Cisco Contact Center products. It is a web-based application that provides Hist...

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Resolved! Audio File in UCCE 10.5

We are using CVP & ICM 10.5 where audio files from CVP are running well in ICM script but the files we recorded are not playing ..where the audio format is same as Audio file already there in CVP audio folder..attached is the file "CCAM_PM.wav" which...

UCCX Restore and Upgrade

Hi Experts,  I just did a restore on my UCCX 10.X HA and the licenses are now invalid. Only seeing 3 tabs in CCX Administration also.I am planning to upgrade the system to 11.X. Before I proceed in doing the upgrade, I believe I need to fix the 10.X ...

Resolved! Email and chat reporting in CUIC

In the Enterprise Chat and Email Administrator’sGuide to Reports Console, Release 11.5(1) it says the reporting is also available via CUIC.  Under Stock Reports I do not see any reporting options for Email or Chat.  Also, is it possible to do Chat an...

ctwoods by Beginner
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PQ and wait question

I normally configure a single attribute Awithin PQ 1 I then have a queuing part of the script - MOH, Wait announcement etc then after some more MOH and Announcements I then overflow to another PQ2 with attribute B. I also use the requery option of th...

iptuser55 by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! Media routing routable flag not updating in Finesse API when agent goes to ready

Hi, Based on documentation found in Cisco Finesse Web Services Developer Guide Release 11.6(1), Task Routing APIs / Media / Media - Change Agent to Routable/Not Routable section: "The agent's mode is set to routable automatically when the agent signs...

Resolved! AA and IVR on UCCX

Hello all, I am trying to move the date/time of day logic from CUC to UCCX, because I believe UCCX is more flexible and scalable. UCCX is used by only one department with around 10 users, while all the other group calls are managed by CUCM and Hunt G...

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Resolved! Finesse Supervisor No Permission to View reports

Hi, I am new to Finesse and have been asked to setup some Supervisors. This I have done and they can manage their teams, but there are two real time reports on their supervisor desktop and it says they do not have permission to them. Where do I give ...

mbuk123 by Beginner
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