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Hi, All of sudden there is no voice recording in aqm which was working fine for a year now. I use uccx 11.5 and aqm 11.5. what could be the reason behind? I have changed password for application user in uccx , will this affect this? how to resolve it...

Sonam by Level 1
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Hello All,UCCX: 10.6(1)I was recently asked about adding a Menu into our current call script. Where the caller would have the option, for example: Press 1 for Returns, Press 2 for Technical Support, etc...So what we were thinking was we could create ...

Resolved! removing of prompt

i need to edit/remove the number of music on hold in my UCCX script.i noticed that when i remove the number of prompts from 9 to 7, it gives error and my whole script fails.but adding of new prompts is fine. i managed to add from 6 to 8 th...

yeow28 by Level 1
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Hello, We have a user when they run reports in CUIC the timezone being used is AKDT (Alaskin timezone), we are in Atlantic Timezone.  This working for all other users. I anyone has encountered this issue or knows how to fix it please let me know.  At...

Ayaz Khan by Level 1
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Hi everybody,Our customer needs a custom report which will give us all the steps entered in the IVR  and call duration. We know this call duration is in the CUIC reports but they want to see this data in the custom report and how can we get this call...

Hi Team, I am trying to integrate CVP with speech recognition engine and looking for a way to store the utterance in the element data and store those values in database. The intention is to know what customers are speaking. In the logs, i could see t...

We have a deployment of UCCX 11.5.1 and the end users are struggling with entering wrap up data.  From what I understand they are having issues finding the "correct" browser window for finesse, this changed from CAD when the POP up would occur automa...

joeharb by Level 5
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 Hello ,I built an application in the CVP Call Studio  I set up at the end of the application Hot event (connection.disconnect.hungup) ,after which I run a procedure to write the call process in an external DB.When the client hangs up the call does n...

yossid001 by Level 1
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