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RNA question/thoughts

Good morning,   I have 1 agent with abnormal RNAs every month. if you look at the attachment you will see they are getting calls and some ring for 4-9 seconds and then move on. our contact center rona =15. I am baffled as to what may be causing this,...

safety2008 by Enthusiast
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Cisco uccx scripting loop

I am having an issue with my scripting. Seem as though when all our agents are busy taking calls the next caller will wait for about 5 minutes then hear the system error message then disconnect. Below is a sample of the script. Any assistance would b...

tbeverly by Beginner
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UCCX 9.0 XML Write Document Error

All,   Any idea what is the error below, screen shot attached. Exception from writing document, nested exception is  /CBA/emergency.xml  (No such file or directory) even after creating  xml files under document manageme...

Max hold time then sent to voicemail

Hello, I have a script created for a call queue of one of our customer service lines.  I want to add a max hold time of 10 mins and then they get sent to voicemail.  Yes that seems short I agree, but this is what the manager is requesting.   The queu...

Windows Based auth on UCCX 11.6

UCCX in 11.5 is only working with Forms based authntication. After upgrade to 11.6 (where it should support also Windows based auth) it still use Forms auth. How to change auth model from Forms into Windows based without removing Forms auth from ADFS...

Finesse with Cisco Extension Mobility

Hello everyone,Package CCE, CUCM 9.1, Finesse 9.1Can someone help me verify if Finesse work with Extension Mobility?I already have EM configured and running. Agents are able to login to any CIPC but cannot login to Finesse. It will give, error "The d...