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Hi  After UCCX upgrade from 10.6 to 11.6(2) wallboard (HTTP trigger) will not show in Chrome, it only shows the HTML as text in the browser, it works fine in Firefox and IE.   I asked a webdevolper about the problem and he was saying that the problem...

Hello,   I've seen a number of questions related to this but thought I would try to get some clarification.   I have a script that front ends all my other scripts and does database dips to pull data from a couple of databases.   I store this data int...

I am looking to see what is the best way to enable our Service Center to be able to have a desk phone in the Office and use that to login into Finesse. But also have the ability to log in from home on a CIPC. We have setup the ACD line on the Desk Ph...

Cory M. by Beginner
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Hi All,We are having major issues with lot of calls getting abandoned. Since I am new to UCCX it is taking me some time to figure this out... I was able to trace a call from the MIVR that got abandoned. Following are the logs of this call. Can anyone...

Hello, I am trying to collect some logs for an ongoing problem with our call center. Our agents are saying calls getting disconnected within few seconds after they hear a beep in their headset and this is not happening all the time!!! After reading f...

GWaldbin by Beginner
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Hello, just wondering if I can get some guidance/help in a issue which we have been seeing more and more.... We have a small call centre running UCCX 9.0.2 CM 9.X. Here is call flow.... Main number--->main reception-->reception staff can forward call...

G3261 by Enthusiast
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Hi All,   May I have your ideas on this please. I have currently installing QM and encountered this error during the installation. Please be advised that Jetty and DAta API are already running upon checking. I tried to restart theses services but sti...

QM Error.png
giodias01 by Beginner
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How can I tell how large my UCCX HR database is, and what the oldest records are?I see from AppAdmin, Tools | Historical Reporting | Purge Schedule Configuration what the thresholds are, but I'm curious what the current database info is, so that I kn...