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Hello all, Hope you are doing well. I have a question regarding cisco uccx 11.0, How can I add a script in the following script which can play message when the caller is put on hold. Caller is answered by the agent and then agent puts the call on h...

riazay001 by Beginner
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I'm comfortable with subflows and am exploring this step in my lab.    It's not working for me.  Reactive debugging shows it hits the unsuccessful branch.  MIVR trace shows this:   8302095: Apr 27 17:55:58.129 PDT

Hi UCCX  7.0(2)  (Upgrading to 10 in 1 day  -  will be reusing these same scripts - dont know if issue is I am on an old application and it's buggy or maybe the Windows OS is old and cuasing issues  - I have restarted the server s in HA)  This has be...

lleweyiss by Enthusiast
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Several months ago some UCCX Finesse agents were enabled for recording and the volume was too low.  The Plantronics head sets were replaced recently with Jabra Bluetooth sets.  The monitors said that the quality improved but the volume of the agents ...

Scuromano by Beginner
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Hi, Can anyone tell me if UCCX 10.6 allows you to set a timer before the call is treated as abandoned? What I am trying to do is set is so if the callers hangs up during the queue greeting it is not treated as abandoned.   When the callers is placed ...

henrick16 by Beginner
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