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UCCX and Okta MFA

I'm getting a bit lost in documentation on how to set up MFA.  If I set up CUCM to do MFA via Okta, does this automatically "pass through" for UCCX agents signing in?  I've found documentation for UCCX that says only ADFS is supported, and had an ent...

credit card processing in UCCX

I have a client that wants to do secure credit card processing in a UCCX environment.  My initial thoughts are to use a Finesse gadget to do a Rest API call to the credit card processor gateway and some sort of transfer or conference of the call. My ...

Identifying step count

Does anyone know if there is a way to identify the number of steps that have been executed as part of a script? The idea is that if the system max step count is 1000 at the 995th step I would like to take an action to clear out the call before it's s...

Resolved! UCCX Call back feature

Hello, We have implemented native call back scipt in UCCX. Is there any way we can get the disposition of customer in the call back leg? For example, I need to identify whether the call got connected successfully with the end customer or not. Current...