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Hi folks, In UCCE11 Lab setup, am trying to display Customer Name and information on Cisco Finesse Agent desktop. Is it possible to create ECC variable with name "user.ecc.CustomerName" Do I need I need to add ECC variable in ICM? Can we pass Custome...

I need some expert help in answering a very simple question.  I have different parameters that will be presented throughout the script.  I'm trying to figure out if I set parameters for one group but then that group is not logged in can I set the par...

gmf051681 by Level 1
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I am staging CCX 11.5 and I would like to configure a Data Source that is currently in use on the production CCX cluster.   Can anyone confirm if this is possible?   And what the limitations might be.   Is it possible for 2 UCCX clusters to use the s...

edguidry by Level 1
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Since we upgrade a IPCCX system from 10.6 to 10.6 (1) SU2 and upgrade all agents it is a fairly common occurrence that the agent software says there is a newer version available and must be updated. The cust update the Systems again but after few da...

j-lehmann by Level 4
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Hello.I have a customer who has some questions regarding any limits on a call studio script as below.1. any limit on number of elements in a page within a project2. any script size limit per callI tried to find the related information, but failed to ...

exjun by Cisco Employee
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UCCX 10.6.1 We have a voice prompt script that when we authenticate the user the variable strings adds digits to the input. Example, The password is 12345# The Variable shows 11223 (note Input Length is set to 5 digits) We have ensured the user and ...

Hello Everyone. We are using UCCX 10.6,i need some information on CUIC report. Is there any report  from which we can come to know the call was disconnected from customer or customer support executive post recieving the call. Regards, Vimal

Hello Cummunity, Hope you all have great week. I noticed that RAM graph is increasing slowly day by day around %90 of usage. We had to restart server that CVP runs on it a few days ago so usage of RAM went down around %40 but now came to %90. I have...

Hello,I have CUCM 8 with auto-answer setup for CS55 headsets with the APC-4 cable.  When the call is auto-answered on the headset, I get no tone on the headset.  In other words, the call is just there.I've gone to Plantronics, and am working with TAC...