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We are getting icmdba error when open icmdba in Rogger.Error message like "Unable to retrieve server list.Computer Browser service may not running.If so shut down icmdba and start computer browser service wait about 5 minutes and then restart icmdba....

Is there a way to see what user is using the most cpu for CUIC_Reporting in CCX 10.6. I keep getting high CPU alerts for cuic, I would like to see what user is running the report that is triggering the alert. I would assume its a user that is running...

pdub716 by Level 5
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Good day! I'm interesting how can I get redundancy for outbound campaign in UCCX 10.6? My deployment is cluster UCCX 10.6 and router 2911 (like dialer). How can I add another router 2911 in order to avoid a failuer of all system because of one router...

Hi guys i really need to know where to download the CWMS, UCCM, UCCX ... software but i can not find any source to download these softwares for practice. please let me know if anybody know from which source should i download these softwares.

In UCCX 9.0 , customer  needs report, for login time of the agent, how many call they attend from the ACD, total time the agent are in the call, the called number information. When we try with "Cisco unified CCX historical reports" it gives lot of i...

Resolved! cuic 10.5

we have cuic 10.5 , on dashboard it shows the agent status , we add new agent on the system , but it don't shows on the dashboard, how we can uodate the report to show the new agent?

mkhriesa by Level 1
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