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I'am not able to make my editor for CCX working, it starts up and closes right away. I'am also not able to uninstall the editor, so it is not possible to reinstall it.... The path to the editor is C:\Program Files (x86)\wfavvid_1061 My Pc is running ...

M_skovborg by Beginner
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Hi Team, I have a requirement from customer. When all the agents are busy, normally the call goes to queue prompt and it continue looping untill an agent comes ready. Customer needs the calls to be send to voicemail after playing the prompt 3 times. ...

Hello,        I am trying to detect a dead air call that occurs only at a certain time of the day. I see the error on CVP flow as a bad fetch and i know its due to a timeout CVP (VXML) Server and my Database server.  I have captured the network pack...

Resolved! UCCX Scripting

I have a minor issue with MoH and UCCX. Currently, when call is waiting in queue to be picked up by an agent, there is a MoH plays until an agent says the initial greeting to the caller.  Is there anyway to get rid of this MoH and play a ringback ins...

G3261 by Enthusiast
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