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Back in 2006, I was a Cisco TAC engineer supporting UCCX (it was known as IPCC Express, a.k.a. CRA, or CRS or IPIVR).  My colleagues were always joking about the "tribal knowledge" of UCCX because of the scarce information.Cisco has published some do...

luoht by Level 1
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Hello All,      Does anyone by anychance has a copy of CVP 7.0? I am trying to replicate an issue which i need to install 7.0 in order to fully replicate it. Any help and places to download it would be greatly appreciated. I have tried the default d...

I am using UCCX 10.6 and CUCM 11.0. I have verifed that I am listed with Admin capability in UCCX and can log into the admin page just fine with my credentials (a local CUCM account) but I get a 403 (forbidden) when attempting to log into CCX Editor...

Hello! 1st I want to say that i DID search but all the solutions I found didn't work. We have a support team that have two extensions configured on each device, like this: 1st ext: 6666 > CALL FWD ALL TO > 6661 2nd ext: 96666 6661 is the thrigger ...

Hi all,I'm integrating QM and Finesse, but i couldn't find 'FinessePlayBackGadget-10.5.1' fle on the fold 'C:\Program Files\Cisco\WFO_QM\Jetty\-work\cone_ui\webapp\gadgets', is there anybody know how to fix this?Thanks in adbvance.

Yangjp715 by Level 2
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