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Hi Guys,Wanted to share the Outbound Dialer IVR Campaign configuration for setup that invovles CVP and SIP Proxy server.1.Create Dialer, MRPG2.Create a dummy network VRU of Type 2 and associate it with the MRPG (translation route is supported in Type...

Hi,We are facing an issue in finesse for third party gadget whenever agent logins finesse we face blank screen in LCM (third party gadget) custom gadget. What we suspect is, when Finesse tries to load our gadget (LCM as well as Chat gadget – which is...

Resolved! Queue extension

Hi all.I am using UCCX REST API(adminapi) and I need to get extension of queue. CUCM doesn't provide queue feature.This API doesn't provide extension for queues, because each queue has a defined "cti route point" in CUCM that has this queue extension...

Hello,we have a script and we want to add an option when the callcenter is off,, that when user press one then he can leave a recording messageI did it by forward to unity voice mail, but we need to do it using uccx recording. Thanks

mkhriesa by Beginner
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When a client has a login domain that differs from the email domain which domain is used for MRA and B2B and the associated SRV and Expressway core-defined domains?  Not sure if matters but we have MRA on one C/E pair and B2B on the Jabber Guest C/E ...

if there is a Cisco intelligent manger in CCX to track abandon Calls then compare that to the same # returned call. The customer is wanting that to be able to show that met SLA’s in time to return calls. 

rremels by Beginner
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We have 10 CUWL licenses left over from the 25 promo bundle. Are we able to plant them on 10 CCX seats, so we don’t have to purchase extra licenses for CCX? I believe they would normally require Enhanced UCLs with the 8851 models. Thanks

art.lacie by Beginner
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Hi,I am trying to display following call variables in Finesse:CallVariable1: Calling Name (Not able to display, although I see that our SIP trunk is sending the Calling Name)CallVariable2: Calling NumberCallVariable3: CSQ Name Both CallVariable2 and ...

mightyking by Frequent Contributor
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