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Hi All, Good morning. We are facing  timezone issue in preview call back in outbound dialer. BAtimezone is showing +300 instead of +330 for IST (Indian Standard Time). In configuration, timezone is set as GMT +5:30 Chennai, Kolkatta, Mumbai, New Delh...

Running UCCE 9.x and need to patch CAD servers.Clients do not have local admin rights.Are there any tools within CAD that can run the patch installation on the client with elevated privileges?Thanks,Paul.

pvarenholt by Contributor
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Dears,It is a UCCE system with CVP and CAD version 9.0The issue is that when the call is to be delivered to an agent, the CAD is stuck in the reserved state for around 20 seconds then it goes to the Ready state and the caller gets disconnected since ...

ln33147 by Enthusiast
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I know this subject is discussed many times as per the below sample discussion on this forum

cisabucho by Beginner
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CVP call server logs Hi All,I am trying to figure out whether caller party(End User) hangup the call first or UCCE Agent. Attaching CVP call server Logs& UCCE TCD& Route Call Details for your reference.

Hey All,I'm looking for help with the Create XML Document UCCX function. I need to reference a string variable as the Source Document as this step needs to to call different XML files dependent on what CTI RP the calls enters the Queue on.I have look...

 I have the need of assigning a future start date/time and future end date/time via parameter values for special events outside of normal operating hours, which a ccx script can compare to the current date/time to determine next course of action.  Th...

GSCiscoSP by Beginner
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Hi,i have a question concerning UCCX 10.5I had to reinstall CUCM 10.5 due to vm ware issues.After the reinstall i managed to get the sync between CUCM and UCCX working. But i have troubles to get my end-users, that are configured in CUCM as resources...

checht001 by Beginner
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