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Can someone tell me what is backed up in the DRS recovery for CUIC?Are:1 Custom Reports2 changes to stock reports?3. Report Definitions?4 Value Lists5 Partner created custom reports?6 Data Sources?7 All Passwords?8 Schedules?9 Dashboards?any Help wou...

Hi All,Couple of queires related to UCCX 8.0:•- Is it possible to set an alert (email notification) if a set threshold of port usage is reached; so I can immediately come to know that the ports are about to exhaust•- Is there any report / way to find...

If I have a script that uses the menu step can I allow users to dial a extension at any time during that menu prompt or do I have to have them hit a selection that takes them to a sub greeting to accept the dialed digits?  Any assistance is appreciat...

wbarren by Beginner
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Hello all,I have installed UCCX 8.5 SU3 in my lab and I have provided the UNIT, Organisation, State, Country which I missed to take a snapshot of that screen. Now I am planning to make the environment HA with a subscriber and I forgot these details n...

In a ICM script, if one want to say route every 3rd call  or for that matter any particular call differently based on the number, then what is the variable I need to check ?          

Hi All,I have a query regarding IVR ports.I have an IVR serever which is not in use and has 100 IVR ports.  I have another IVR server which has 75 ports and is in live environment.My query is, is it possible to move / use 100 IVR ports of unused serv...

                   One of my Service Desk Chief's are asking how Service Level is DEFINED. From the UCCX Administration Guide it states that Service Level is "the target maximum number of seconds a call is queued before it is connected to an agent". ...

Resolved! Wrap-up Time

I have UCCX 9.02, is it possible to add a Button for Wrap up times.What I want is to basically, at the End the Call Give them 60 seconds (Wrap up Timer) to select a Wrap-Up button to type up there case codes then select End Wrap-up to start recieving...

Neal haas by Participant
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