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When we tried open the campaign from uccx, we are getting the "Error while reading the Campaign." error message. and also we can see with the same name duplicate campaign created in uccx. if we tried to delete also getting the same error"error while ...

Hello Frends. I change the name of the script in scirpt in uccx, it does not work.We wanted to make a script change in uccx.We made some changes in the script and created an Applications list named AMw for testing.But it didn't work.Then we checked b...

Hello, We have UCCX 12.5.1 workflow pop up working in IE browser but not in Edge browser(edge version is compatible with uccx version). here the workflow URL example    In IE browser : This popup works fine. In edge browser : we get popup then it as...

UCCX Worflow.PNG

Hi Devnet Team, Currently our customer has 3 cucm servers running on production with 1 publisher and 2 subscribers. Our customer using Jabber Web SDK for their Web Application and running on production environment with pointing to cucm publisher usin...

irvan by Beginner
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Hello All,we just started a LAB set up on UCCE.I just created one more CTI route point , but it took the IP of side B PG which is in stand by mode ( I think ).the first CTI route point took the side A PG IP address. and both of them are registered to...

kavle by Beginner
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Good Day All,  I am working on a 12.6 ECE deployment, and one of the items the client requested is to use their SSO instead of the handy welcome questionnaire. Looking at the Chat and Collaboration Resources guide, it's looks complicated enough, and ...

Hi, we have UCCE 12.5(1) and we have always the field LocalQTime of the table Termination_Call_Detail to 0. I know the field RouterQueueTime from the table Route_Call_Detail (and have values different to 0 when the call is queued). we still use Skill...

CoDeC by Beginner
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