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UCCX 8.5 SU1 (soon to be SU4).When we add/remove an Agent Skill (or update their competency in an existing skill), do we need to have them log out and back in to CAD or is the change instant?ThanksBill

Resolved! UCCX String Length

Hello everyone, need your help. We are have a issue when people call into an application, they get the prompt to choos a menu option or a 4 digit extension. However, when they enter 4 digits, somtime the systems adds on an extra digit and send the ca...

Iam looking for prerequisite info whihc helps to understand the sizing of HDS. while i was going through the PCCE sizing it says default HDS instance stores data backup for 40 days only &  one should setup saparate instance for HDS  if data retention...

                   Good day. Client is requesting to set up multiple voice mail instead a general voicemail for their campaign. Is this possible?                   Also in UCCE is their a report where in you can generate voicemails received?Regards,J...