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   I am involved in a UCCX implemetation which obviously includes CUIC, i need to create a couple of new reports for my customer. I have learned quit quickly that this is completey different to CUIC UCCE Premium, and i believe that things sucah as re...

sarbarnes by Enthusiast
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Hi,I would like to know if there is a maximum retention of AQM and QM recordings even if they are in a storage attached. One of our client require a 3 years call retention of QM and im attaching a hitachi storage to my solution directly attached to t...

bmaranga by Beginner
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Hi allI have an existing script called Finance which sends calls to a Finance CSQ.  I need to set up another script (Suppliers) which sends calls to the same CSQ.  However, I want all the Finance calls to be answered before the Suppliers calls.  Can ...

I'm hoping to get a better understanding about how to call a simple XML file from the document repository on UCCX version 9.0.2.I have the following for an XML file:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> <IVRSTATE><SYSVAR><wm>01</wm> <pm>02</pm...

Hi All!I'm trying to setup the agent queue priority for agents that are in several queues.      Example below. The list is the order they should get calls reguardless of hold time.  our version is 7.0.1Agent Ainternal (10)ETF (8)Service (7)Agent BETF...

rbblue234 by Beginner
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According to Reporting guide"calls that encounter an error condition or are sent to non-monitored devices (using the label node) within the Service Level threshold do not affect the Service Level"It does not appear to be so in ICM 7.5/CUIS.  It looks...

yshraybman by Enthusiast
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