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Resolved! What is Survivablity in UCCE ?

Hello All, Please help me to under stand the survivablity in detail. i mean i want to appriciate Survivablity. in doucments i have read that survivablity take place in case of wan failure(what does that means ? CVP Isolation from ingress gateways) if...

Courtesy Callback

CCM 8.5CVP 8.5ICM 8.55350 XM - Ingress+VXMLI am implementing Courtesy Callback and i have done the config as mentioned in the admin guide. The survivability service is invoked on POTS dial peer.when i dial the number to invoke Courtesy Callback i onl...

CCE Attribute API

Trying to add agents to an attribute. I know we can add attributes to an agent but if I'm reading the guide correctly, I should be able to add multiple agents to an attribute. My current XML for the put looks like:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"...

Cisco .aef Script for rollup?

Been slightly going crazy trying to figure this out, but does anyone have ideas as to how I can deploy a queue that is more auto attendant style that has rollup options but depending on what the caller chooses for options in this auto attendant would...

Agent Proficiency

Hello,New to Cisco.  Would like to know from an Agent Proficiency, is 1 the highest and 10 the lowest? or the other way around? Also, is it based on the longest call? Hopefully someone can help me. Thank you!!

mhermosa by Beginner
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