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                 Hi If we have agents using Agent Desk top, if a caller is answered by agent A and wishes to transfer to Agent B using the Agent Desk Top what DN is the targeted phone? Does the Agent Desk Top transfer the caller to Agent B using the ...

iptuser55 by Frequent Contributor
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Does anyone know the difference between the HandledCallsTimeToHalf and HandledCallsTalkTimeToHalf?I'm no reporting guru as a disclaimer but I understand enough of it. I was asked to assist in matching up Cisco to Avaya reporting requirements so I'm t...

Hello AllRight Now in my environment , if a Caller wants to find the BALANCE , the only way to find it is via the VR.We are planning for a solution where if a Customer sends across a sms to a particular Number and find the Balance.This is a common so...

Hi all,I recently had to delete a CSQ from UCCX admin - all good no longer shows there but it still shows in HRC - is there a way to ensure its removed from there also?Similarly if I mis-spell a CSQ and remove it and correct my mistake again doesn't ...

Good Morning All,I have a few questions regarding call redirect vs calling a script directly via subflow..Are there general guidelines of when you should use one method versus another? I have a menu option in Script A that when chosen by a user, will...

kevinigvr by Beginner
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My client has MS SQL database administrators that are highly recommending doing a periodic reindex as they are seeing a high level of fragmentation. I am unable to find any documents on proper MS SQL Server maintenance from Cisco. In the absence of r...

mknepper by Beginner
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Is it possible to push Variables defined in the script to the CAD?   Is this the function of Enterprise Data?  In not Where is Enterpise Data obtained, defined, added or deleted?           

DrVoIP by Beginner
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Hi all,I install a CCMP8.5 on one of AW server.But I failed in the installation of the database.It display "security key not configured...."I don't know how to repair it.Anyone knows about this pls help.Rgds,Wokist.