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running CCX 7.0.1 PREMIUMDon't know much about HTTP Triggers.Have a question - If a web page is pushed to an agent, is there a way that when a button is pressed on the web page that this action could initiate a call record on the agent's phone?if so ...

Hi, I have a client running UCCx 7.0(1)SR05_Build504 Premium, we have added extra fields to the enterprise data and customized the Agent Desktop to display the new fields. The Agents can enter the data in the fields while the call is in progress, no ...

UC520 stops responding after two hours, console shows that the system stop at this messages : U520 con0 is avaiblepress RETURN to startall phones stop at connecting state. what can i do. Is the compack flash program corruction. i sus CCA VERSION 1....

Hi,We can use call recording (Cisco WFM) with UCM without UCCX? I want records call from PSTN and among extensions with cisco call recording (WFM).Thank in advance,Manuel