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                   I am trying to get Workforce Management to sync with UCCX. The database is working as I see the Agents and CSQs, however I am not getting any call statistics at all. I tracked it down to a login issue in the SyncService log files. ...

rcfoltz by Level 5
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I am looking at builing a script that would lookup the voting precinct of the caller. I was wondering if someone had build something allready.Simple lookup, Database (MMDDYY,Address Numbers (just the first numbers), Precinct,ZIP)thanks               ...

Neal haas by Level 3
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When these two applications exist within the enterprise telephony environment are they distinctly seperate or are they integrated womewhat?Just want to understand if there is integration betweeen the applications or do they stand alone.Thanks,Paul.

Hi All!    I'm a novice at scripting and have to edit an advance (for me) script for uccx version 8 and was wondering if anyone had an example script for an emergency script that would edit a status.xml file (changing the text from "open" to"closed f...

bmcghee by Level 1
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