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Hello - my organization is using WCC, and I am having a hard time figuring out how to setup an Emergency message (that can be changed on the fly) in Cisco Webex Flow Designer that can be accessed through one of our TFNs.Example:Call our main TFN and ...

SashaSSH by Beginner
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Hi,is it using UCCX 12.5 version integrated with UCCE 12.0  supported? Is there any document that shows if this is supported or not supported?Currently we have UCCX 12.0 integrated with UCCE 12.0 solution, but due to bug in UCCX 12.0 (could not recor...

Hello,  I have followed the instructions as below. But still from DBLookup node it's failing. I am trying to fetch area code as 12345 but from DBnode its going to fail node. Can anyone let me know if I have done any mistake on this.//// where MACHINE...


Hello Experts,Our UCCX is integrated with Salesforce. For incoming calls, I get the CUCM Call ID in a script by looking for implementation ID in the Get Contact Info and send it to Salesforce via the Expanded Call Variable. As mentioned this works fo...

mightyking by Frequent Contributor
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I need to get report for one month include number of calls per agent and call period per agent this is need to be per 10minute for one month, how I can get this kind of report from uccx per 10minuter over a month

Toss Leey by Beginner
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