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Resolved! system is offline. login will be queued until system is backonline

Hi,We are using UCCE 8.0 with rogger (a/b), aw/hds and pg (a/b). In the PG explorer CUCM and CVP are configured as PG generic. All the PIMs are active either on side A or B. CG is also active and CTIOS server showing active too. But when agents try t...

sending calls to a second queue?

It seems like i could do this a couple different ways, just trying to find a best practice...2 support desks (support desk Chicago and support desk Denver)Support desk Denver is already up and running on it's own script and CSQSupport desk Chicago is...

thanmad by Beginner
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CVP Pim logs - what does this mean?

Had an issue that I thought was one of our CVP servers, turned out to be the CUPS server. Anyways, dumped the pim logs and this is what I found. 08:18:04 pg7A-pim1 Trace: The ECC variable with tag 5043 has a maximum length of 21 and the VRU tried to ...

CCX 7.0 email attachments

I'm having an issue with our CCX 7.0 scripts.  Not sure if it is a codec issue or a CCX issue.The script is built so that callers have the option to leave a message.  The message is stored as a document variable and attached to an email.  However whe...

Programming Do's and Dont's

See attached screen shot.I have started not defining my prompts in my scripts as variables.  When I define a prompt I simply browes to the prompt container and choose the prompt I want to play.Is this a bad technique / habit to get in?

Resolved! CVP integrated with Windows domain

HilI'd like to know if CVP works in a Windows domain? I've always had trouble with this issue and normally don't add the CVP servers to the domain but I now have to implement a CVP solution (comprehensive model) in which all the servers must be part ...

rhobab by Beginner
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Cisco QM : How do I Initiate Server-side Recording for IPPA & retrive the Recording

Hi,We have a setup of CCX8, CUCM8, QM 8. and agent as IP Phone, How do I get initiate a call recording using QM for agents & how to Retrive the recorded files, I have searched a lot but not finding it. Pls help me & share any Docs for this issue.Than...

naguu1980 by Beginner
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UCCX report language

Hi all,I would like to create UCCS historical reports in a language other than the client OS language and other than the CAD language. Does anyone know how to change the language in which the HRC reports are generated?ThanksJuergen

IPCC 4.0(5) sqlservr.exe spikes CPU

I have a customer with an IPCC Express servers running version 4.0(5). OS 2004.4SR5. Every second the sqlservr.exe process spikes the CPU to near 100%. I tried rebooting the server and get the same thing.When I shutdown the IPCC services the spiking ...

g.weiner by Beginner
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