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We are developing a custom CTI application that agents log into so they do not need to login to Finesse browser.  On testing I have noticed that I cannot trigger workflows (they are http requests 'OTHER' that all work when the user is logged into fin...

gpworld by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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Hello,Is there a documentation that describes how to create an inbound UCCX workflow that will pop a windows Application and then insert captured digits (entered via the phone key pad) into a field in the windows application. UCCX V11.0 ?I'm aware of...

Recently moved from CAD to Finesse.  Running UCCE 10.5....Users figured they were having issues when logged out after 2 hours.we do have some users that are in ready for 2 hours or more.anay way to workaround this?ANy related input would be appreciat...

pvarenholt by Contributor
  • 2 replies
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Hello,Do you know if I can trigger a popup on Cisco Finesse through Workflow on incoming email and chat ? (Working on UCCE + ECE 11.5)From my understanding, I have to use Finesse API to get events and trigger an action on incoming Chat or Mail.Thanks...

I realize I can open a web browser which is nice. I wanted to know if there is a way to notify a gadget that's embedded to pop the screen info in there. I have the embedded gadget working and I would prefer that the user stay on a single page in the ...

jdickinson by Contributor
  • 3 replies
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what's the best way to test the screen pop gadget on the sandbox.I have an agent 002 logged into the system. is there a simulated call function I can use. Or do I have to setup a new  computer on the same network?thanks,Joe

jdickinson by Contributor
  • 1 replies
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HiSince it is not possible to group by or filter by CSQ in Finesse with the Live Data Gadget just changing the view ID does not user the default filter in the specific report.. So I've created two Gadget to show two different CSQ Live Data report but...

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