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Has anyone used ECE SDK sample code from!chat-javascript-sdk/chat-javascript-sdk?  I have tried that sample for 11.6 and also for 12.6 (I have changed libraries in 11.6 sample for that for ...

So.. ECE is coming to the environment where I work and and we will be attempting to integrate one of our processes with ECE.  The existing process currently integrates with a enterprise email management tool where it adds the equivalent of an ECE mai...

WRJGAC by Level 1
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Hello,We collected about 1.5 days worth of Webhooks back in October 2022 from a client.Certain Webhook Types had missing "createdTime" keys under their "data".This appeared to happen with about 1/2 of the "task:ended" and all of the "task:on-hold" We...

BlakeR by Level 1
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Dear TeamOur requirement is to integrate an in-house-developed dashboard solution to UCCX for report consolidation and for dashboard display.Is it possible to integrate our own APIs to UCCX/CUIC for displaying the dashboard? Does Cisco have any ready...

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