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I have a UCCE environment where there are 8 Windows servers and 4 CUCM servers(Linux) installed on it. I need to export all the certificates from all the 8 Windows servers and 4 CUCM servers. Code: dir cert:\localmachine\my | Where-Object { $_.hasPri...

naveev by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! Number Play

Hello,I want to play records fetched from the SQL server In the VXML server.'You have a recharge of 449' this is the value fetched.Please help me if anyone knows.Thanks.

Hi, I am working on a sample CVP application with transcribe element. I am planning to collect both DTMF and voice inputs from the user. I have updated input mode as dtmf+voice. I observe two issues. 1. DTMF was not recognized. - Any suggestions what...

Deep46 by Level 1
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Hi All,We are use Finesse 11.6 with UCCE 11.6 components . Globally we are using Incedo CRM for other department work day today use. Requirement:Going forward UCCE , Agents are going to use only  Incedo CRM via Browser continuously and they wont use ...

nila27 by Level 1
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I am trying to figure out how to get a gadget to provide a vertical scroll bar when the browser windows is resized causing things to move around. I have found this information stating there is an XML feature to enable it however there is no informati...

Hi there, I have to implement the callback API in our custom java application, I have implemented the Outbound Preview only mode, and I can Accept, Reject or Close a call. Now, my question is when to call the callBack API? 1. When the call is ringing...

Hello there ,         kindly be noted that I am using UCCE 12.5, and as far my understanding, if primary server goes down , the secondary server should be up automatically and handle the requests . but this wasn't  done ,actually what was done that w...

AmrSA by Level 1
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Hi, Hoping someone can help here?I can import a record to a dialer campaign without issue using Postman- as per below screen shot.As you can see below - I get a 200 OK and I can confirm the record is in the Outbound Dialer Database.  However when I u...

cvp-dialer1.png cvp-dialer2.png
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