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Hello. Our 2 customers faced with limitation of Cisco CVP to play other audio files excluding 'µ-Law 8-bit .wav'.One of them using UnifiedCVP_Installer_12_5_1_Build_325, other one is using older one (10+) We found from documentation here that: The me...

Vadim6 by Level 1
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Hi experts,I want to create a custom  HotLink element in call studio, is it possible ? why I need this, because a hotlink which listens "don't know" globally and throws a new event named as last menu name it visits / element  the hotlink invoked.  Th...

localHotLink.JPG hotlink1.JPG

I am trying to upload a campaign dialling list using the CCX API with information coming from the CRM system.We are loading the target company name into the "last name" field. The problem is ampersand with a company name such as "A & B" giving a 400 ...

Has anyone managed to get a post working to create a new CSQ using the configuration API.  I have been banging my head for a while starting with the example in the API guide but I just get 404 errors.  I wish I knew a way to troubleshoot what UCCX is...

mserwon by Level 1
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Hi there,         Agent 1 makes call to Agent 2 and then Agent 2 Consult the call to Agent 3. This whole process of Consult call is working.The problem is coming for Transfer after the Consult.I am passing the original call ID(call ID between Agent 1...

Hi,I am using a recording script. I use the upload prompt step and it works fine uploading to the root directory.When I change it to a sub directory it does not write.Is there a limitation on using the upload prompt set that wont let it write to a su...

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