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Janine,Need your expert advice on this issue. We are getting "no resource" errors on the VXML logs on a speech input element. How do we find out if this is a network error or mismatched grammar or ASR purely running out of licenses? I know that we ca...

I had a failure in my agent update python script. Here is the XML I got back. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><apiErrors><ap iError><errorMessage>400 Bad Request - javax.xml.bind.UnmarshalException: unexpe cted element (uri:&qu...

Hi, We are integrating chatbot with ECE version 12.0 ES6 ET1 and we got issue when we try to sendo message in conversation. We opened a TAC, but they ask us to send message in devnet forum. However, in many messages, we found only message to send ema...

cisco by Level 1
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Making this post to gather feedback/Opinions on SL in UCCE with CUIC report. I've always seen CT reports being used for SL observations CUIC, but a few weeks back I was asked why should CT reports be used over a PQ or SG report to monitor SL via CUIC...

MapleLeaf by Level 1
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Hello, I'm working on integration Cisco UCCX to a Nuance Speech server, which handles all the intelligence, TTS/ASR to the caller. Issue I'm running into, when the Nuance IVR transfers the call back to CCX with namelist variable: callerIntent. All th...

atownsend3_1-1689262020031.png atownsend3_2-1689262055894.png atownsend3_0-1689261951143.png

Hi Team,We have developed custom Cisco finesse agent desktop using rest API and using BOSH (XAMPP) to make connection with Finesse server. Everything is working fine but when logged in agent is in idle for couple of minutes BOSH connection gets close...

pravin1 by Level 1
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Is there a way to clear the ids used for a particular object set?  For instance, if you delete the phone books and then recreate the phone books via api or finesse admin, new ids are created for the object.  

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