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        This community is for questions about using Contact Center developer functions.
See the Contact Center Knowledge Base for answers to some common questions.
For production deployment issues, please contact the Cisco TAC.
For direct help with developer issues, please open a ticket with DevNet Developer Support.
Developer ticket support for Contact Center is only available for Finesse and Task Routing.

Forum Posts

CCX configuration API user 401

I have created a configuration script to reskill agents based on need. The script collects credentials from the user, which are passed to the CCX REST API. I tested the API calls with Postman and then set up the script with Powershell. This script wo...

UCCE - EWT with PQ

Does anyone have an example formula for calculating estimate wait time (EWT) with a precision queue (PQ).   I realize Cisco does not official support EWT with PQ's, but customer has a real need.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.Our PQ will only...

UCcomp2007 by Explorer
  • 9 replies
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CCX Webchat Transcript Capture in Context?

I've noticed in the new 11.6 v3 CCX demo on dCloud that the chatbot interaction captures the full chat transcript in context.  Is there a way or capability to also capture agent handled web chat transcripts in the context service as well?   Thanks in...

jhatfield by Beginner
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Finesse XMPP Service not responding

Hello,  We have a server based XMPP Listener connecting to a Finesse server and we use Smack 4.1.8 libraries to connect to Finesse XMPP Notification Service. We migrated from 11.5 to 11.6 Finesse.  We are seeing that after a long period of inactivity...

Form element configuration for ASR

Hi All, I set the form element exactly according to the guide document.The URL also works well.But, the following error log is generated and I don't know the cause.Please let us know if any one can help me on this   [error log]

Post Call Survey

Hello, I need help with variables, I need to transfer agent information from ICM to IVR, to create a post call survey, without CVP How can this be done? And also, we need help in creating the condition, so that when waiting in the queue for more than...

Resolved! CUIC v11.6 SQL connectivity Issue

Hi TeamIn CUIC v11.6 while making test connection to the SQL data source it remains offline with error details but while trying the same in the CUIC v10.5 it goes online, kindly refer the snippet belowSQL server version details:Microsoft SQL Server 2...

Resolved! Finesse login issue

Is it a MUST that you are on the Homescreen /TAB of Finesse to change your Status form Ready to Not Ready, or can this be done from one of the other tabs like My Statistics or Manage Call?

lowfell by Participant
  • 4 replies
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