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I'm trying to write an application that uses the CTI Protocol as described here:!cti-protocol-overview/what-is-unified-ccx-cti-protocolIs this available in PCCE or only in UCCX? If so, how can...

varunr by Level 1
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Janine,Need your expert advice on this issue. We are getting "no resource" errors on the VXML logs on a speech input element. How do we find out if this is a network error or mismatched grammar or ASR purely running out of licenses? I know that we ca...

I had a failure in my agent update python script. Here is the XML I got back. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><apiErrors><ap iError><errorMessage>400 Bad Request - javax.xml.bind.UnmarshalException: unexpe cted element (uri:&qu...

Hi, We are integrating chatbot with ECE version 12.0 ES6 ET1 and we got issue when we try to sendo message in conversation. We opened a TAC, but they ask us to send message in devnet forum. However, in many messages, we found only message to send ema...

cisco by Level 1
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Getting back to APIs after a long time. Please note this worked for my gold tenant a year back. Recently our subscription expired and we worked with Cisco resource to fix all in the backend. I am unable to execute even a simple API like get task. i a...

Hi Team, I won't able to see all API request's for Queue's section under documentation page. Where can I find Post request for Queue's.? So i can add team's in Queues with API calls. Attached Image     

ymungeka by Cisco Employee
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Making this post to gather feedback/Opinions on SL in UCCE with CUIC report. I've always seen CT reports being used for SL observations CUIC, but a few weeks back I was asked why should CT reports be used over a PQ or SG report to monitor SL via CUIC...

MapleLeaf by Level 1
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