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Best practice ideas for using self services across many IVR application


We have one MAIN IVR CVP application which include all IVR self services like (Payment , Check bills , check account info ,ect.. )

We are requested to create a specific LIMITED IVR application which will make use of the Payment service only (This service is already existing in the MAIN Application).

My question is

  • Should I route the call to the MAIN application and make use of the Payment logic which already exist ? ( This will unify my code and avoid make duplication in the code which will enhance the maintenance and any feature change in the payment service)

  • Or Should I create a new application and copy and paste the same payment logic ? So we have (MAIN IVR) include all self services (including Payment Service ) and (Limited IVR)  include small menu and Payment service logic repeated. This way of separation is very useful in terms of reporting (However reporting is also achievable when being used from the first one)

Any good ideas ?

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Rahul Kumar
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Level 1


I would use same application as long as functionality doesn’t change. Just put logic in front to route to specific flows in the application. This way it’s easier to maintain.



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